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What They Could Do, They Did

Auto-Italia South East Gallery
Peckham, 2007
program of events

Floor plan (PDF)

  Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday
12.00   Opening   Opening   Opening   Opening
13.00       Ring of Fire Eaters   Ring of Fire Eaters
13.30   Ring of Fire Eaters   Ring of Fire Eaters    
14.00       Open Improvisation
featuring Drawing Instruments
  Multi-channel Performance
James Bull
15.00     Rough for Radio II
Ed Gillett
(Samuel Beckett)
    Make Your Own Myth
16.00     My Dad's Records
An Empty Orchestra
  Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
16.30         Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
17.00   Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
  Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
17.30         Performance
Shona Davies
18.00   Swap Shop     Showcase
Albumen Records
18.30         Swap Shop
19.00   Rough for Radio II
Ed Gillett (
Samuel Beckett)
  H     An Empty Orchestra
19.30       Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
20.00   Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
  Alicia Morgsn     Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
20.30   Ad Hoc   Peep's Game
Hestia Peppe
  Eskimo Folk Tales: The Woman Who Married Her Son's Wife  
21.00     MimiYeah   MGMVX   Ad Hoc
Retrospective Remix
21.30   Yeborobo   Eskimo Folk Tales:
Blubber Boy
    Eskimo Folk Tales:
22.00     Kardy   Les Enfant Bastard   The Frankenorphan
22.30   Eskimo Folk Tales: The Two Women Who Found Freedom      
00.00     Close   Close   Close   Close  
DJs   Ad Hoc   Lacuna   Wilton   My Naughty Leg
  Clubby Digit   MGMVX   Dire Euphorrhea   Mira
  Dire Euphorrhea   Mira   Clubby Digit   H
  An Empty Orchestra   Les Enfant Bastard   Sid   Kardy
  My Naughty Leg     Lacuna