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What They Could Do, They Did

The Forest Café
Edinburgh, 2007

Block Information: Collective Memory

Performance space
Friday 10th August, 18:00 - 00:00

The history of What They Could Do, They Did is murky and complex: we are not just collaborators but friends, lovers, fighters, makers, and talkers. Collective Memory aims to critique and unravel our work and experiences up to this point. Not, of course, to be self-congratulatory or twee, but to build further, and offer some form of introduction to those who haven't met us before.


  • Ad Hoc & Chasmaclitstick

    Ad Hoc is a reformed hacker and software designer, whose technical expertise produces soundworlds of startling depth and ingenuity. His work builds from the basic matter of binary code and sonics into DJ sets, installation pieces and original compositions, using bespoke software, algorithmic processing, and modified hardware.

    Following his retrospective remix of What They Could Do, They Did's March 2007 exhibition (in which he formed sounds, images and video footage, harvested over the course of the 4-day show, into a new multimedia piece), Ad Hoc has selected and reconfigured audio artefacts from the entire breadth of WTCDTD's artistic and social history: amongst them are snippets of speech, archived material from prior work, and songs with resonant memories attached.

    He is joined by VJ Chasmaclitstick, as she selects and re-wires video footage to counterpoint and compliment Ad Hoc's audio work, the pair forming a narrative both uniquely personal and invitingly communal: a private reflection on a familiar history, and a radical immersion for new participants or receivers.

  • An Empty Orchestra

    An Empty Orchestra spins out tall tales and faded memories with a collection of broken instruments and laptop processing.

    Includes an open workshop on Friday afternoon, to melt down and re-mould almost-finished songs.

  • Les Enfant Bastard

    “I'm Les Enfant Bastard. I play live on my own and with Withered Hand, going under the amazingly clever Withered Hand vs Les Enfant Bastard, with a bunch of amazing people. I have also done music with the the beautiful Milie Croche. I am signed to Umor-Rex, and they let me put out whatever I want and give my music away free.”

Also featuring...

  • An Interview with Hestia Peppé

    Hestia Peppé and Ed Gillett discuss issues of individual artistic identity and communal artists' groups, focusing on their own work and that of What They Could Do, They Did.

  • They Did - Film Screening

    The first public screening of Garry Sykes' documentary, detailing and archiving the exploits and adventures of last summer's What They Could Do, They Did event at The Forest Café.