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What They Could Do, They Did

The Forest Café
Edinburgh, 2007

Block Information: In Search of Silence...

A group of artists and musicians from South-East London present a selection of their work. A common theme may not be immediately evident, but often friendship creates a strong underlying ideology which supports even the most varied work. For more information please see www.insearchofsilence.co.uk.


Performance space
Thursday 9th August, 20:00 - 00:00
  • Lecture: Robert Bidder -
    A lecture examining the little known figure L.P. Landsgroomer and his legacy.
  • Film: Dan Walwin -
    Artist/Filmmaker Dan Walwin presents a showreel of his recent work. The works are the result of wanting to create a sense of 'place', and variations on a similar central character. Their form and content are often determined by the process at the moment of production- leaving a camera to record action as it moves in, out and through the static frame. The works presented here are "Pioneer" (2004), "The Other" (2006) and "High Angle, Dead Drop" (2006-7).
  • Performance: Siân Robinson Davies -
    Artist Siân Robinson Davies presents a new solo performance.
  • Music: Cornelius Cardew's Treatise -
    A performance of this piece by those who took part in the workshop on Wednesday.
  • Music: Tea and Toast Band -
    Toast Band return to preview work in progress from their forthcoming storytape, plus maybe a few old hits.
Still from 'The Other'
The Other (2006)
Tea and Toast Band
Tea and Toast Band

Film: Luke Fowler - ‘Pilgrimage from Scattered Points’

Performance space
Wednesday 8th August, 14:00 - 14:45

A documentary by artist Luke Fowler focussing on Cornelius Cardew, and the 'Scratch Orchestra'. This film is a fantastic introduction to the British avant-garde, and cleverly communicates the artistic concepts of the Scratch Orchestra, which form a very important pretext to the performance of pieces by Cardew and related composers.

Immediately followed by the In Search Of Silence workshop, based on the work of Cardew (see below).

Workshop: Cornelius Cardew - ‘Treatise’

Performance space
Wednesday 8th August, 15:00 - 18:00,
with performance on Thursday 9th August, 21:45 - 22:15

A workshop exploring composer Cornelius Cardew's seminal graphic score 'Treatise', culminating in a performance on Thursday Evening. Musicians and Non- equally welcome, bring your weapon of choice!

Go out in search of silence: Edinburgh Soundscape

Performance space
Friday 10th August, 13:00

A collaborative investigation into the soundscape of Edinburgh. Collaborators are asked to make field recordings throughout the week for this project, for inclusion in the final presentation of the work, which will take the form of an installation with a tangible user interface. For more information please see www.insearchofsilence.co.uk/goisos/.