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What They Could Do, They Did

The Forest Café
Edinburgh, 2007

Block Information: Masters of Silence

Tuesday 7th August, 19:30 - 23:00

5 different flavours of live electronica from Edinburgh University's Sound Design and Informatics departments.

  • The Amazing Rolo

    Funny, funky folk-hop from Yann Seznec, with wild-style Wii Loop throwdowns. He might even rap in French!

    Web: www.theamazingrolo.net

  • Kresch

    Free-spirited electronica, emphasising evolutionary growth and multilayered texture by improvising duo Paul Keene (Synth) and Dave Murray-Rust (Laptop).

    Web: www.kresch.org.uk

  • Pixelmechanic

    Organic, granular laptop improv from composer and researcher Jules Rawlinson that combines open form with interactive media.

    Web: pixelmechanics.com

  • Nick Janaway

    Nick Janaway wrote some songs on a guitar then marinated them in a computer. He's also a great pianist and sings like David Sylvian.

    Web: myspace.com/nickjanaway

  • Monosynth Orchestra

    Patchbay action from Korg's MS10, MS20, MS50 and SQ10