What They Could Do: Escape!

A monthly series of events taking place at Escape Bar and Art, Herne Hill.

Escape! August 2008

Thursday 14th August, 8pm - 1am / FREE


You've seen weirdos in facepaint, you've heard electrocuted keyboards play themselves, now come experience the full sensory inflammation that is What They Could Do, They Did as a cross-section of our full spectrum of performers test their mettle in the warm-up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

That's right, we're off to the Fringe to shock and amaze with 4 days of performances as we transform Edinburgh's Forest Café into an illicit speakeasy where marvels will abound! Come and give us a raucus send-off and while you're at it enjoy a delicious sprinkling of preview performances from all and sundry, plus we'll be opening the mic up towards the end of the night so come and show us what you're made of.

Featuring performances from a selection of WTCD artists...

...and with a special guest appearance from Flint Kids (50%), slicing and dicing beats into infinitesimal blocks of noise.

As always, free entry. How to get here...

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