Call for Submissions

Beatabet, a collective from Brighton, have invited What They Could Do, They Did to collaborate with them on their run at Shunt Vaults in London Bridge from 5th-7th March. Shunt is a cavernous subterranean complex comprising many distinct spaces including several stages for performances, a bar and many unadorned railway arches.

We are planning a performance banquet, to be held on the Saturday night (7th March), most likely in one of the arches. This will take the form of a meal that is served to the public on a large feasting table, with guests taking places for a limited time during a 'service' of a few hours, and then giving way for others to eat in a continually rolling fashion. There will also be room in the arch for non-diners. The setting will be a fictionalised feast-date and evening of rituals and performances. The finer details of the setting and narrative are currently being devised, but as a guide we are thinking of it as a night of revelry and peasant feasting for the handover from winter to spring.

Around the arch and at the table will be planted various characters who will develop this setting into an immersive theatrical experience for the audience and the diners. Hostesses, a Master of Ceremonies and a narrator amongst others will mill around and dine with the crowd.

In addition to the setting, the audience and the table will be entertained by a series of performances encompassing music, dance, readings and live art. We anticipate that each block of performance will be quite short (10-25 minutes), but that performers will hopefully each appear a few times during the night, which is open 9-3.

We would love it if you would be able to perform on the night of the 7th. As this is quite short notice, we wouldn't expect you to be making new work, but if you have anything that would particularly suit a night of bawdy revelry and carnivalesque celebration, that would be great!

For more info, contact:

Mike Knowlden
What They Could Do, They Did
mikeknowlden (at) gmail (dot) com