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Collective sigh

So, the 2008 Edinburgh micro-festival is over, and echoes of megaphones, filmreels, synthesizers and lasers are beginning to fade to dreamlike memories. We'll be collating a gallery of the greatest photos very soon - though it'll be hard to choose from the endless array of unforgettable scenes, from Emily and Rachel's conjoined appearance as the Twins to Alice Saint's embodiment of all that is glamour, from Tom's glitter-soaked performance in his Edith Massey dress to the red-carpet champagne premiere of Garry's Karaoke - not forgetting the brain-melding immersion of 7VWWVW's smoke, lights and analogue synthesis.

We extend all our gratitude to all who came and made it the magic that it was - the puppeteers, violinists, filmmakers, performers, artists, rockstars, ravers, friends, collaborators, freeloaders and weirdos. Until next time...

* * * * *