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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Are we are sitting comfortably, for i have a fantastical tale to tell, yarn to spin and blah blah blah ... ahem!

It was a cold and tortuous December in the year of our global economic crisis 2008, WTCDTD were on a economy group Thanksgiving coach trip to The North Pole when they uncovered the plight one thousand elves. Forced to solder nano circuitry for Wii's and stick heads on Margaret Thatcher novelty nutcrackers, these unfortunate lost souls were being paid —for their commitment to their inherited cultural festive duty —in mere chocolate coins.

The ensuing battle for the end of their servitude betwixt ourselves and the Evil Over Lord (worshipped unto by millions of children worldwide) scattered many of us far across the plains of his so called ‘Lap’ Land.

Returning victorious to the ‘Grotto’ we freed the elves and explained to them the concepts of democracy, taxation, heath care and minimum wage. Unfortunately due to their lack of citizen/human status in the UK/World this was unecessary as these things did not apply to them. 995 departed, intent on seeking out shoemakers, whom they knew from tales of ole would grant them food and shelter on for a small quanitity of cobblery. However to five we offered room and board in the fabulous Herne Hill, in exchange for a performance of some joyous festive songs at our next night at the Escape Bar, an offer they could not refuse.

So come along Thursday the 18th December and toast with us to the freedom of the elves and the destruction of Saint Nick. And all that other stuff (i believe there was a star, a barn and some sheep involved).

Featuring performances from:

‘Lady Elf’ Duchess and ‘Lord Elf’ the Demon

‘Duke von Elf’ Jonah

‘Earl Elf of Emo’ Bobby Zinconi

‘Baroness Elf’ Kardy

‘Queen Elf of Turd Land’ Mimi

Other extraordinary offerings include:
Raffle, Present Prizes, Crackers, Christmas Trees, Sparkling Lights and all the best Christmas songs.

Free Entry
8pm - 1am

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