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The Dream Machine and other Dulwich hidden treasure

Our brethren in leafy Dulwich have put forth their local tips for 09. Top of the list is The Dream Machine, a treasure trove of a record shop which I'm shamed to confess I had not heard of until a couple of weeks ago — especially given that it is run by South London's favourite cosmic pioneer John, famed round these parts for running the Cease To Exist night at the Half Moon. The night bowed to its own commandment and only ran a short but glorious period, staging gigs by The Early Years, Cylob, and They Came From They Stars, I Saw Them, amongst others.

Anyway, The Dream Machine recently made the South London Press due to its current economic plight: it's in dire financial trouble and desperately needs your biz'ness. Go, buy buy buy! Moreover, if you're in a band, they operate a small practice room from their basement space which is pretty reasonably at 10/hr and demands your presence.

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