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The Fragmented Orchestra
[icon] http://www.thefragmentedorchestra.com/

The Fragmented Orchestra is a nationwide sound installation which combines the natural rhythms of the human cortex with live audio from 24 sites around the UK, creating a live distributed instrument whose output is constantly changing and evolving. I somehow ended up responsible for the network infrastructure of this ludicrously ambitious project, a role that utterly consumed the latter half of my 2008. This culminated in its opening at Liverpool's FACT in December, where it can be experienced in its preferable form as a 24-channel sound installation.

The piece can also be listened to via the website, through which you can hear live granulated streams from each of the 24 sites. These include a broad range of venues and sonic characters, including Belfast's SARC, the National Portrait Gallery, the Roundhouse, a cattle market in Inverness and the West Pier in Brighton. Closer to home, South London is represented by an impressive 2 institutions: the Institute of Psychiatry (Denmark Hill) and the Stephen Lawrence Centre (Lewisham).

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