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Norfolk Basil

As a follow-up to (and in the spirit of) Mike Knowlden's "Waste Proposal Unit" here is a picture of the basil cuttings we bought from Norwich Market on the day of the event (14th May), which still survive in a glass of water on the windowsill back in London. The bunch of basil cost us 1, and has been used to cook for fifty two people in a gallery, and now continues to provide us with basil over a fortnight later.

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First confirmation for summer

NEWS JUST IN: Excited to have just confirmed our first act for the closing party of this summer's What They Could Do extravaganza, back with our comrades at the Forest Café: the invincible Babyshaker is to return, wreaking devastation and mayhem in his path. August 23rd. Much much more news soon!

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Platnik - Fear of Electrons EP

Platnik is the musical spawn of me and the endlessly skilled Mimi. Though her current living situation (approximately 9,648km east of here) makes recording difficult at the moment, we've just finished roughly mastering our 6-track debut EP, which lurches around the graveyards of rave, drone and post-rock, in the murgy fog of an undead comedown.

It's available online in its entirety --

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They Did 2 and Girls Who Fight on sale at Rough Trade East!

Go here and buy stuff!!

Rough Trade East

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[icon] http://www.erase.net/projects/subtext/

Accompanying information, images and source code are now available for Subtext, an installation that I have developed over the past months in response to a commission from the North-based SoundNetwork. They asked me to create a piece based around the network traffic of the temporary local network they constructed for the Autonomous Village of Futuresonic08. Ironically, given that their focus is firmly upon sound and music, my piece ended up being completely silent.


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'Waste Proposal Unit'

Mike Knowlden and Josh Pollen,

Serving free food at The Outpost Gallery, Norwich


Thai Red Vegetable Curry
Rice with Cashews, Raisins, Aubergines and Spices
Penne with Tomato Sauce

(see previous post for more info)

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Mimi Leung - Margaret

Mimi's stunning, splurging portrait of Margaret Thatcher has been given a glossy full-page spread in this month's issue of Vice Magazine UK, part of a series of illustrations of the Iron Lady. Our own iron lady is currently on prodigously prolific form on her long-term sojourn to Hong Kong - see Mimi's blog...

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Sound, light and movement

The first of our events at Herne Hill's Escape events was a blast - so much so that we're now excited to announce that they'll be continuing on a monthly basis over summer, and perhaps beyond. Nights will be individually curated on a rolling basis, with the next lineups to be announced shortly.

In the meantime, two other things happening this week:

Tomorrow evening (14 May) in the ballroom of Chelsea College, I'll be attending the debut performance of a dance piece by the experimental Madarms group, for which I've contributed movement-sensitive sound design. As they move through the space, the dancers' motions are translated into sound via a system of wireless accelerometers, which then affects their movement in a tiny positive feedback loop.

Saturday night (17 May), in the Old Peanut Factory (Dace Road, E3), our good friend and cohort One Million Houses is celebrating his birthday in monster style, with live acts including Ad Hoc. PARTY!

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Waste Proposal Unit at Outpost Gallery, Norwich

I will be preparing and serving food at the Outpost Gallery, Norwich on Wednesday 14th May as part of the series of events Kaavous Clayton meets Martino Gamper. This food will be free to all, and will be based on the foods and ingredients that I discussed with the visitors to the Market of Ideas, an event in London earlier this year run by the research cluster Critical Practice. At the Outpost Gallery I will be cooking with Josh Pollen, who is a member of catering team Three Second Rule, and fellow WTCDTD contributor/curator.

This is a part of an ongoing project entitled Waste Proposal Unit, that approaches food wastage and its economics through culinary development.

Resources are developing at this page on Critical Practice's wiki.

If you are in Norwich on Wednesday, please come along for lunch, dinner or both!

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