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The Mentalist Association and Supine Studios at Barden's

South London's most numerous forest-dwellers The Mentalist Association this week pull themselves temporarily from their late-winter hibernations, joining forces with Supine Studios for an evening of masquerade and phizogs at Barden's Boudoir.

Face Value features such jungle idols as Shimmy Rivers And Canal and the Tea and Toast Band (whose new material we were lucky enough to recently catch at this, and we can vouch that it's reeeaalllly good).

Doors 8pm, 3 in if you're wearing a mask...

Full lineup:

Shimmy Rivers And And Canal
Team B
Chevy Chase
The Tea and Toast Band

Troop Foonooch (A Dance Troop from Peckham)

Anchorman Kentish
Little Oh!
Baboarran Khorash
The Mentalists Association DJs
The Supines

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Escape with Beatabet, 19 Feb 2009
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Retired hobbyist builds nuclear reactor in Wimbledon

The Daily Mail reports that a retired Wimbledon technician is endeavouring to create the world's first amateur nuclear reactor, in the home he shares with his 96 year old mother. This is an extension of his earlier career carrying out nuclear fusion experiments at Aldermaston in the 60s - only now he does not have military-grade suppliers, but is using parts mostly sourced from the local Maplin's.

'I've only managed to get two watts out of it so far,' he says. 'But if I increase the power, I should be able to start a nuclear fusion reaction. Of course, I wouldn't want to do a really big experiment here - it's not an ideal place. And it could be dangerous.'

(via londonist)

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Beatabet collaboration, and In C

Not one, but three WTCD-ish events this week for your delectation... and all freeeeeee, as per always. don't tire yourself out too much now.

The Pictures (Barden's Boudier, Wednesday 18 Feb)
The latest installment of London's most entrenched underground film club, curated by Garry Sykes. This month featuring "Silver Jew" (exclusive UK screening), live music from Trace Fluids and The Super Shirani Nitemare Band, plus Boring Girls DJs, bingo, free popcorn...

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Escape, Herne Hill, Thursday 19 Feb)

All bases are manned with our thrilling collaboration with Brighton's Beatabet collective (beatabet.net) for this month's Escape, featuring AK/DK, The Beatabet Band, The Capsized Smiles and so very much more.

icon: flyer "In C"
The Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, Saturday 21 Feb, 3pm

As part of the "24 Fragments" event (thefragmentedorchestra.com), we're performing Terry Riley's classic piece of unpredictable modern minimalism "In C" using a homebrewed ensemble specially trained for the purpose. Also accompanied by a talk by the Stroke Assocation.

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