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WTCD: Escape, April 2009

Tomorrow! This month curated by by Tom Moore, and featuring Organised Violence, AEO, The Ethical Debating Society, Dire Euphorrhea and more...

In one month's time, it's the first birthday of the Escape series, so watch this space for an exciting megamix of a lineup. In the meantime, we're thrilled and slightly perplexed to be involved in events at the ICA and National Gallery over the next two weeks. Details very very shortly.

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They Did Magazine Launch

at Escape, Herne Hill

26th March 2009

1 - 3 Albumen Records
4 - 9 Alice Theobald (Dance Spectacular)
10. The Duchess and The Demon
11 - 16 Trashkit

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WTCDTD : Under the Covers

Escape! January 2009

Thursday 29th January, 8pm - 1am / FREE


Under the Covers: Come in out of the cold and under the covers.

A selection of popular covers from:

<<< So Say So
Glorious pop music laced with harmonies, dynamic guitar and piano interplay

<<< Brenda
Combining the jittery ignition of 65daysofstatic with the bleeding guitars of Fugazi

<<< Real Feal
Raw rock from members of Infants and Optimist Club

<<< Bobby Malone
Emotionally charged folk-pop

<<< Philip Barebones & Billy Cog
Vibrant acoustics from popular folk rock duo

<<< The Duchess and the Demon
Dark folk, folk noise & folk horror

<<< Junker
Legendary reunion of two punk luminaries refusing to cover anything but Minor Threat

Each band will be performing a short set of guilty pleasures accompanied by projections of the originals, a covers jukebox and a pub quiz with prizes from Hairyaddams.

Setlists include classics from David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, Iggy & The Stooges, Bruce Spingsteen, Mark Morrison, Elton John and many more.

As always, free entry. How to get here...

..and say hi on the Facebook event...

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The Capsized Smiles at TheWhatWorks, Escape

The Capsized Smiles are presently many leagues under the surface of the earth, in hard preparation for two forthcoming performances: at TheWhatWorks (8th October) and What They Could Do: Escape (16th October). Both will feature new material starring Alice Saint, and previews from other impending releases...

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What They Could Do at Escape #3: Plugged

bzzzzz. Get your jumpleads at the ready, for we're just finishing preparation for this weekend's installment of the monthly Escape series, featuring an array of electrical delights. Thursday night, 8pm onwards, Escape.

We're also starting plotting for the August edition, taking place earlier than usual on the 14th as we're then off to Edinburgh for our annual 4-day extravaganza at the Forest Café. We're planning Escape #4 as an informal festival-preview-cum-open-mic night, so let us know if you'd like to be involved in some way.

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WTCDTD at Escape 2

WTCDTD presents a night of the inconsiderate and the irresponsible, the grotesque and the joyful……

Dwelling in the fissures between meaning and gibberish, intention and chance, Egg (MC) Muffin stage a duel: a cacophony of disembodied voices struggles against a battery of drums.

Bambikill tumbles though mists of dark psychedelic folk, tied to her drummer.

Ignatz Aaron Hoch of The Frankenorphans preaches his sermons of salvage and scrap to the unconvertible.

Jade Watts plays a set of decadent goth ukulele.

plus Ignatz Aaron Hoch, Celestia Chunk and H spin scatological pop records.

plus Simone Weil returns from the grave to compeer and hold a raffle with the best selection of prizes you could possibly hope for (free tickets for the needy).

Escape Bar
214-216 Railton Road
London SE24

Thursday 19th June, 8pm - 1am

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New Albumen, out now!

Long-time What They Could Do associates Albumen Records have just added two new releases to their growing catalogue: alb010 and alb011. Two artists from their roster are also playing our second night at Escape, Herne Hill, with a full lineup to be announced very shortly...

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Photos from our first night at Escape, Herne Hill.
By Julia Hodgson.

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