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TOGETHER at Elephant and Castle

Together, At The Junction
PV 29.07.09 I 6-9pm
30.07.09 02.08.09


A R A R I Investigation Three I Leah Elsey & Sonia Uddin I Matt&Ross/Grizedale Arts I Paul Teigh & Martin Russell I What They Could Do, They Did

Together, At The Junction explores the relationship between collaborative art practice, community and public space. The Elephant Rooms invites jottaContemporary to facilitate artist engagement with a space in transition through live performances and site-specific works. The group exhibition will occupy The Elephant Rooms, a new roving art space in the Elephant and Castle Shopping centre founded and supported by Corsica Studios. The 1960s architectural structure will be the stage for a series of performances, live sound pieces and art works, in both the exhibition space and in the communal foyer space within the centre.

I think this has the potential to be totally brilliant as the grapevine puts a lot of interesting people all in one place at once and that place is Elephant and fucking Castle

Tom and Garry are performing their piece Chaplin Vs Keaton at the private view. We will be conducting some kind of ungodly 'workshop' in 'drawing' in the space over the duration of the exhibition at times tbc

come and play

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WTCDTD Warmup Gig, Herne Hill, London, 08/08
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The Capsized Smiles at Escape Bar

the capsized smiles...hushed crowd...........,..,.,.,,,..,,...,,..,,,....liney eyes

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