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Sound, light and movement

The first of our events at Herne Hill's Escape events was a blast - so much so that we're now excited to announce that they'll be continuing on a monthly basis over summer, and perhaps beyond. Nights will be individually curated on a rolling basis, with the next lineups to be announced shortly.

In the meantime, two other things happening this week:

Tomorrow evening (14 May) in the ballroom of Chelsea College, I'll be attending the debut performance of a dance piece by the experimental Madarms group, for which I've contributed movement-sensitive sound design. As they move through the space, the dancers' motions are translated into sound via a system of wireless accelerometers, which then affects their movement in a tiny positive feedback loop.

Saturday night (17 May), in the Old Peanut Factory (Dace Road, E3), our good friend and cohort One Million Houses is celebrating his birthday in monster style, with live acts including Ad Hoc. PARTY!

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