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WTCDTD at Escape 2

WTCDTD presents a night of the inconsiderate and the irresponsible, the grotesque and the joyful……

Dwelling in the fissures between meaning and gibberish, intention and chance, Egg (MC) Muffin stage a duel: a cacophony of disembodied voices struggles against a battery of drums.

Bambikill tumbles though mists of dark psychedelic folk, tied to her drummer.

Ignatz Aaron Hoch of The Frankenorphans preaches his sermons of salvage and scrap to the unconvertible.

Jade Watts plays a set of decadent goth ukulele.

plus Ignatz Aaron Hoch, Celestia Chunk and H spin scatological pop records.

plus Simone Weil returns from the grave to compeer and hold a raffle with the best selection of prizes you could possibly hope for (free tickets for the needy).

Escape Bar
214-216 Railton Road
London SE24

Thursday 19th June, 8pm - 1am

* * * * *