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Mimi Leung X Blanch & Shock Presents POLYCHROMASIA - Friday 31st August
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Blanch & Shock, a group set up by members of What They Could Do, They Did to work at the meeting point of fine art and food presents its latest work this Friday, in conjunction with artist Mimi Leung.

As part of Mimi's current exhibition at the Tenderpixel Gallery the group will be serving up a set of canapés responding to the exhibited paintings. Taking the wealth of colour in Mimi's work as a starting point, Blanch & Shock conducted creative research into the isolation of natural food pigments. Using these pigments they will dye a variety of canapés in the Leung livery, offering these up for free to attendees of Mimi's Q & A session at Tenderpixel Gallery from 4 30pm this Friday.

All are welcome, please see the attached press release for further information. The event also marks the close of the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. Goodbye Turdbrains runs until August 8th.


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MAKING MISTAKES at The Wallis Gallery, Hackney

I'm gutted to be missing (although delighted to be seeing Messiaen with my mama)it but Mike, Garry and Dan are aiming to see and be seen at this:

organised by the inimitable ed fornieles

come as a member of FACTORY

for directions and info click ANDY

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wtcdtd setting up
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