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Karaoke (2008)

Amongst the constellation of delights that make up our rapidly impending Edinburgh show, we're honoured to be hosting the premiere of Karaoke, the new film by underground London film-maker Garry Sykes. It's also the film debut of Alice Saint, starlet in the making and the newest addition to the WTCD,TD collective.

More about the film and showing:

KARAOKE (Garry Sykes, UK, 2008, 35 mins)

This is a world premiere, these karaoke songs. Starring Tom Moore and introducing beautiful new starlet Alice Saint to the eyes of the world, these songs they sing tell who they are, were, and who they're becoming. Karaoke is a no wave musical, a video portrait and above all a romantic picture. Karaoke is compromise, obsession and addiction. Karaoke is change, determined spirit and love.

Showing in the Forest's church hall at 8pm on Saturday 23rd August 2008, undoubtedly preceded by glitzy champagne reception and red carpet greetings...

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