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Platnik - Fear of Electrons EP

Platnik is the musical spawn of me and the endlessly skilled Mimi. Though her current living situation (approximately 9,648km east of here) makes recording difficult at the moment, we've just finished roughly mastering our 6-track debut EP, which lurches around the graveyards of rave, drone and post-rock, in the murgy fog of an undead comedown.

It's available online in its entirety --

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Platnik - We Don't Care (feat. College Boy Commie)
[icon] we_dont_care_final.aif.mp3

finally finished recording the final track from the platnik "fear of electrons" ep! features vocals from college boy commie.

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What They Could Do showcase at the Ritzy cinema

Last night saw a brief yet exciting preview of a tiny segment of What They Could Do, at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema. The Abominable (featuring in the They Did Magazine block) sung of chimney pots and snowmen, Ad Hoc and Chasmaclitstick (playing Sunday and Friday) aired a freshly-laundered colour-sorted stack of video and sound, and Mike and Ed spun a fine weave from their heavily laden record bags.

From the daredevil escapades in trying to rig up a projector on a precarious cradle above a 20ft drop, to the last-minute rewiring of much of the Ad Hoc video software (and a critical bug fix two minutes before the set began), it felt distinctly like What They Could Do...

The sonic half of Ad Hoc and Chasmaclitstick's set is online as a sneaky preview:

Ad Hoc and Chasmaclitstick at the Ritzy (57MB mp3)

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