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David Tudor's Rainforest IV at Area 10, Peckham

David Tudor's environmental sound piece Rainforest IV is to be performed at Area 10 Project Space, Peckham, from July 3-4. It's a monumental piece, in size, scope and time, making use of the resonant properties of physically installed objects to create a strongly immersive and collaborative work.

Tudor himself describes it thus:

"In 1973 I made 'Rainforest IV' where the objects that the sounds are
sent through are very large so that they have their own presence in
space. I mean, they actually sound locally in the space where they are
hanging as well as being supplemented by a loudspeaker system. The
idea is that if you send sound through materials, the resonant nodes
of the materials are released and those can be picked up by contact
microphones or phono cartridges and those have a different kind of
sound than the object does when you listen to it very close where it's
hanging. It becomes like a reflection and it makes, I thought, quite a
harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, because wherever you move in the
room, you have reminiscences of something you have heard at some other
point in the space. It's (can be) a large group piece actually, any
number of people can participate in it. It's important that each
person makes their own sculpture, decides how to program it, and
performs it themselves. Very little instruction is necessary for the
piece. I've found it to be almost self-teaching because you discover
how to program the devices by seeing what they like to accept. Its
been a very rewarding type of activity for me. It's been done by as
large a group as 14 people. So that was how our Rainforest was done."

-- David Tudor

The performance features several luminaries of the London DIY/noise scene.

Read more on the Area 10 website.

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Apollo Video opening tonight

From 6pm tonight the long-deserted Apollo Video in Herne Hill rises from the ashes, reborn as a space for art, music and much more during the month of June, and possibly beyond.

We'll be heading down to contribute to the fanfare.

Also just confirmed we'll be hosting a night at Apollo on 13th June, featuring a mixture of music, performance and a film programme curated by Garry Sykes of The Pictures, the underground film night airing monthly at Barden's Boudoir in Dalston.

Tonight's party is from 6pm-10pm, featuring a DJ set from Fab Fatale.

More info at the Apollo Video website. See you there!

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Crunch this Saturday at Dogstar
[icon] Crunch_June_09_Flyer.gif

Our friends at Crunch are putting on their first party in South London, this Saturday 6th June at the Dogstar in Brixton. Expect a mixture of afrobeat, funk, dubstep, dnb, electro and techno to name a few. Entry is free, email siri (at) crunchlive.co (dot) uk for more details.

Head to the Crunch site for archival mixes from their previous events.

Hope to see you there!

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Reclaim The Beach 09
[icon] http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=101326940848

As the good weather continues to tease London, you know it's time to hit that disconcertingly-hued stretch of River Thames sand for the first Reclaim The Beach party of 2009.

It's this Saturday, May 16, 10pm - 4am, featuring Speakers Quartet live plus "funk, cuban, brazilian, african and every other kind of breaks they can find aswell as a massive healthy dose of Roots Reggae, Mash Up, Bashment & Dancehall Vibrations to keep the party rocking til' the tide comes in..".

More info on the Facebook event.

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The Forest's Golden Hour in Camden tonight

Our good friends from beyond Hadrian's Wall, Edinburgh's marvellous Forest Publications, are embarking on a Europe-wide tour of their poetry, prose and songsmithing. The Golden Hour passes through London tonight, appearing at The Camden Head for an evening's varied entertainment.

Entry a meagre 3, including a free copy of their Stolen Stories book.

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WTCD: Escape, April 2009

Tomorrow! This month curated by by Tom Moore, and featuring Organised Violence, AEO, The Ethical Debating Society, Dire Euphorrhea and more...

In one month's time, it's the first birthday of the Escape series, so watch this space for an exciting megamix of a lineup. In the meantime, we're thrilled and slightly perplexed to be involved in events at the ICA and National Gallery over the next two weeks. Details very very shortly.

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OOXXOO presents... A Stolen Recordings and Germs of Youth Showcase

The great people at OOXXOO are launching the first of a series of nights at Deptford's chronically underexposed Albany arts complex, next Thursday (23 April). Features Pete and the Pirates, Your Twenties, No Pain In Pop + Offmodern DJs plus much more...

More info on the Facebook event, and get tickets from Ticketweb.

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TO-NITE: The Capsized Smiles at The Pictures, Barden's Boudoir

In advance of the forthcoming 'Introducing Alice Saint' EP, The Capsized Smiles are playing their B-movie cabaret at Barden's monthly film night, The Pictures.


Joe Swanberg's (Hannah Takes The Stairs, Alexander The Last, one of the founders of the so-called 'mumblecore' movement) feature debut, starring Kate Winterich, Kevin Pittman, Kris Williams and Swanberg. A confrontational and startling film exploring issues of sex and infedility within post-college relationships. Ellen (Winterich) is caught between guiltily sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, who is looking for more than sex, and appeasing her jealous and secretive flatmate. The film is an innovative mix of drama and verite interviews.

"The most important film about a young generation since Slacker" - File Thirteen

live music!
(B-movie tales of horror, woe and wild wild joy. They're not coming for your pop music)
(influences: pathetic tv losers. mainly dawson o'leary, followed by ally mcbeal. and rock'n'roll)

performance! CONSTANTINOPLEX perform a live soundtrack to their video production.

DJs! BORING GIRLS bringing the party

Performance, Art Stars, Happy Hour all night,
DJs and Live Music til late.
7pm-2am, Bardens Boudoir, Stoke Newington High Street N16.

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Dream Machine Records Fayre, Screening and Music at Half Moon tomorrow

Tomorrow from 12pm the Half Moon in Herne Hill plays host to the rematerialising of the wonderful Dream Machine record shop, now sadly no longer premised in East Dulwich.

As well as the opportunity to buy records, there will be a film screening from 4pm and live music from 8pm.

For more information see the Dream Machine Records website.

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The Dream Machine and other Dulwich hidden treasure

Our brethren in leafy Dulwich have put forth their local tips for 09. Top of the list is The Dream Machine, a treasure trove of a record shop which I'm shamed to confess I had not heard of until a couple of weeks ago — especially given that it is run by South London's favourite cosmic pioneer John, famed round these parts for running the Cease To Exist night at the Half Moon. The night bowed to its own commandment and only ran a short but glorious period, staging gigs by The Early Years, Cylob, and They Came From They Stars, I Saw Them, amongst others.

Anyway, The Dream Machine recently made the South London Press due to its current economic plight: it's in dire financial trouble and desperately needs your biz'ness. Go, buy buy buy! Moreover, if you're in a band, they operate a small practice room from their basement space which is pretty reasonably at 10/hr and demands your presence.

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noise=noise: Mind Body Brain at Goldsmiths, Weds 21 January

Following on from this morass of impending south London events, there's another gig at Goldsmiths next Wednesday featuring some of the talented researchers around the computational studio arts arena: noise=noise: Mind Body Brain will be "exploring noise (music) through research into new interfaces for musical expression and perceptions of noise".

It features such luminaries as Disinformation (who was kind enough to appear at our Escape July 2008 event), Mick Grierson (who does stunning A/V performances controlled by physical cognitive processes, pictured above), Ryan Jordan (melding an array of sensors into an immersive, ritualistic performance) and more.

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First confirmation for summer

NEWS JUST IN: Excited to have just confirmed our first act for the closing party of this summer's What They Could Do extravaganza, back with our comrades at the Forest Café: the invincible Babyshaker is to return, wreaking devastation and mayhem in his path. August 23rd. Much much more news soon!

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Platnik - Fear of Electrons EP

Platnik is the musical spawn of me and the endlessly skilled Mimi. Though her current living situation (approximately 9,648km east of here) makes recording difficult at the moment, we've just finished roughly mastering our 6-track debut EP, which lurches around the graveyards of rave, drone and post-rock, in the murgy fog of an undead comedown.

It's available online in its entirety --

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Platnik - We Don't Care (feat. College Boy Commie)
[icon] we_dont_care_final.aif.mp3

finally finished recording the final track from the platnik "fear of electrons" ep! features vocals from college boy commie.

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[icon] mimiyeah.mp3


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