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Nuclear weapon thermal damage maplet
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Continuing our nuclear season, H pointed me to this Google mapplet which estimates the range of thermal damage caused by a hypothetical nuclear attack.

Following this, I keyed in the postcode for Peckham Rye station, and was told that the fallout from a modern 340 kiloton B61 bomb would stretch from London Bridge to Clapham on the west, Crystal Palace in the south, and beyond Catford to the east. Zoiks.

(disclaimer: notwithstanding the fact that these figures are for a primed nuclear weapon at optimal detonation altitude, rather than a dirty bomb with the non-weapons-grade material on board these transport services)

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Nuclear waste transport through South London

Second post in a week on the nuclear front: according to a timetable published somewhat irresponsibly by Greenpeace a couple of years ago, trains carrying nuclear waste travel via Peckham, Denmark Hill and Lewisham en route from Dungeness to Willesden Junction before heading onwards to Sellafield. From the schedule (PDF), you can catch them passing through these stations around 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

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Retired hobbyist builds nuclear reactor in Wimbledon

The Daily Mail reports that a retired Wimbledon technician is endeavouring to create the world's first amateur nuclear reactor, in the home he shares with his 96 year old mother. This is an extension of his earlier career carrying out nuclear fusion experiments at Aldermaston in the 60s - only now he does not have military-grade suppliers, but is using parts mostly sourced from the local Maplin's.

'I've only managed to get two watts out of it so far,' he says. 'But if I increase the power, I should be able to start a nuclear fusion reaction. Of course, I wouldn't want to do a really big experiment here - it's not an ideal place. And it could be dangerous.'

(via londonist)

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