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The Fragmented Orchestra
[icon] http://www.thefragmentedorchestra.com/

The Fragmented Orchestra is a nationwide sound installation which combines the natural rhythms of the human cortex with live audio from 24 sites around the UK, creating a live distributed instrument whose output is constantly changing and evolving. I somehow ended up responsible for the network infrastructure of this ludicrously ambitious project, a role that utterly consumed the latter half of my 2008. This culminated in its opening at Liverpool's FACT in December, where it can be experienced in its preferable form as a 24-channel sound installation.

The piece can also be listened to via the website, through which you can hear live granulated streams from each of the 24 sites. These include a broad range of venues and sonic characters, including Belfast's SARC, the National Portrait Gallery, the Roundhouse, a cattle market in Inverness and the West Pier in Brighton. Closer to home, South London is represented by an impressive 2 institutions: the Institute of Psychiatry (Denmark Hill) and the Stephen Lawrence Centre (Lewisham).

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[icon] http://www.erase.net/projects/subtext/

Accompanying information, images and source code are now available for Subtext, an installation that I have developed over the past months in response to a commission from the North-based SoundNetwork. They asked me to create a piece based around the network traffic of the temporary local network they constructed for the Autonomous Village of Futuresonic08. Ironically, given that their focus is firmly upon sound and music, my piece ended up being completely silent.


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