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Antepress presents Digestives, art writing on Resonance FM
[icon] http://www.antepress.co.uk/digestives.php

What is to be made of art writing?

Resonance104.4FM invites antepress to explore the contemporary position of art writing through an ongoing experiment with radio.

Digestives is an assorted collection of new radio works by antepress and their invited collaborators, comprising performance, discussion, storytelling and sound.

Julia Calver describes the event of twilight as a moment of obscurity using speech and sound. Patrick Coyle explores the multiple meanings of words through a collage of memory, music and misunderstandings. Cressida Kocieński explores a language of diagrams of time and space. Claire Nichols hosts a series of discussions with her collaborators about processes of making. Tamarin Norwood traces the desperation of catching time through an interior dialogue. Gemma Sharpe presents a sound work co-produced with international performance artists Lundahl&Seitl.

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The Forest's Golden Hour in Camden tonight

Our good friends from beyond Hadrian's Wall, Edinburgh's marvellous Forest Publications, are embarking on a Europe-wide tour of their poetry, prose and songsmithing. The Golden Hour passes through London tonight, appearing at The Camden Head for an evening's varied entertainment.

Entry a meagre 3, including a free copy of their Stolen Stories book.

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